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Sacramento River Fishing Report

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September 2013

The salmon run is under way and we are catching fish in the Red Bluff area of the Sacramento River. The average day right now is about one fish per rod. Some days are better. The river has dropped from the raging summer flows to a managable 7,000 CFS or so. With the big water drop behind us, fishing is getting better and more salmon are moving into the upper reaches each day. The majority of our fish have been caught while back-trolling a variety of 'plugs' such as Kwikfish and Flatfish. We have been catching fish on back-bounced salmon roe throughout the day as well.

On an additional very good note, fly fishing for wild trout on the Sacramento River has been very good after the water stabilized. It seemed a little early to me, but we had an awesome bite this week while fishing egg imitations along with the usual nymph patterns; with the eggs stealing the show by a lot. Average day numbers-wise right now is about 25 with the very real potential to see double that. Those of you who have fished with me during the fall know exactly what an early egg bite means on this river....epic days of Alaska-style trout fishing when the salmon begin the spawn. I have been taking reservations for this fishery all summer long, but still have days available during 'prime-time'.

On a side note, I've had several requests for salmon/ trout fishing combos, which I will be offering on a limited basis. Here's the skinny.... salmon fish at O' dark thirty from the jet boat for a couple of hours, hopefully roping some Kings at first light. The fillets will be packaged and kept on ice. We then transfer to the drift boat and finish the day fly fishing for wild trout. This is an offer made possible due to our proximity to the local boat ramps. It's a full day of fishing to say the least....

Please contact us to discuss available dates or details. Remember: if you are a Public Safety employee, we offer some amazing exclusive discounts. Email or call for further info. -JT

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